The Art Department….c. 1972…Willamette University…

Ran across this photo that I thought you locals might enjoy…

here is the Willamette University Art Department in about 1972 or 73…left to right…

Carl Hall (painter) Cameron Paulin (art historian) Roger Hull (art historian) and Robert Hess (sculptor)…

but REALLY the most important figure in the group is the Manuel Izquierdo sculpture called “Aladdin’s Lamp” that they are grouped around.  The sculpture is from 1967 and will be on view in the Izquierdo show “Manuel Izquierdo: Myth, Nature and Renewal” opening on January 18, 2013, at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art here in Salem…better mark your calendars…!


  1. Every time we go to Europe, Keith and I are reminded of the gift that Dr. Paulin gave to us. He wove together all the threads of our liberal arts education…..

  2. the fab 4! and how hip is R!! dave used to look like that…lots of long hair, mustache, blue jeans & workshirt, love beads, leather jacket, boots… and that’s when i fell in love with him. how could i not? (sloy)

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