The Arbor Cafe

Anybody remember the Arbor Cafe?  21 years ago today we opened our doors…(and managed to survive in a hard business for 13 years…)

and today when I went to the bank I saw that Broken Bread is making the space over…for a fall opening…and it was a familiar sight…

and while I was taking a few pictures, Dana…facilities guy in 1991 and STILL facilities guy…told me to hold on…there was one last thing that had been found in the space…

time flies…good luck to Broken Bread…


  1. The better question is “who doesn’t remember the Arbor Cafe”! My husband , being at work in town, was the one who got to frequent your great place and eat the great food! I still had a younger child or two and, more importantly, no extra car so sort of stuck out here. Did get to have a “date” there with my guy now and again! Love seeing your photos. Would have liked to see some more.

  2. One of your Arbor Cafe recipes was listed as a favorite in the Tuesday Oregonian and is the new Oregonian Cookbook.

  3. you bet we remember the arbor cafe! a favorite of ours. we dug sitting outside after shopping at nordies and people watching. but most importantly, we really loved the delicious and affordable food. we’d often host our out-of-town friends here, or meet up with friends in town. thanks for the memories and how sweet of you to give a nod to ‘breaking bread’.

  4. hey you! great for the post . . but, i thought you were in CA? you got the time/space thing whupped and not tellin’? xx00xx mm

  5. J and I were there at the opening, sitting at the table in the corner. The Arbor introduced us to cafe latte!

  6. I don’t just REMEMBER The Arbor Cafe, I can’t FORGET it! The bread you used for your sandwiches I can’t find ANYWHERE ~ I still constantly search for it! Did you call them panini breads? I used to come buy them by the dozen to take home and make sandwiches with. Please email me with any info!
    I used to bring my daughter for special mom/daughter lunches ~ she’s 21 now and still talks about it. We LOVED your tarragon chicken salad panini and your roast pork panini! Everything at The Arbor was delectable, and whether outside or inside, the atmosphere was delightful. I miss The Arbor so much!!

  7. Any chance you could share the Turkey cream cheese panini recipe? I have so may fond memories of going to ballet and then having a special treat with my mom after practice. Also loved the pesto pasta.

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