Monday Miscellany…

I really like my eye doctor….

even though I don’t like drops and all that stuff…he’s funny, he’s told me interesting things about my eyes (orbital varix), and he makes little cool drawings…

and SOMETIMES he even reads my blog.  (Hi Dr. N.)

So when I recovered after having my pupils dilated we took off to Silverton to the Gordon House, where R had an appointment to talk about a future show, etc. etc. and I just wandered.  The Gordon House is a small Frank Lloyd Wright house that was built near Wilsonville on the Willamette River in 1964, by Conrad and Evelyn Gordon. The Gordons sold the property in 2000  to persons who wanted to build a new house on the site.  In 2001 The house was donated, “deconstructed” and moved to the Oregon garden, with care given to siting the house correctly in a directional sense.  Now, 10 years later, the house looks like it might have always been in this oak grove…

R and I visited the Gordon house the very last weekend it was open on its original site in 2000, and I never thought they could properly reproduce the red concrete floors, but they look pretty good…

But for me…today…the highlight was the vintage Sunbeam small appliances in the kitchen…

check this cord…

my friend Karen was a docent there for years and there are a few of her calligraphy “mottoes” still in evidence…

(…as for the debates tonight…my ballot is already in the mail.)


  1. Since I’ve dropped off our ballots at the county courthouse, don’t you think we should not have to be barraged with all the campaigning in audio, written, or electronic form? I’m very fond of that toaster. I thought it looked like my “vintage” ’77 model which is still working well…but the cord does indicate an earlier decade!
    Take care of that eye, Bonnie.

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