The Manuscript Arrives!!!

Writing a book is a long and often arduous process…in R’s case a lot of fact-checking and just sitting and thinking, talking with friends/relatives/colleagues of the subject, arranging for photos to be taken, talking to collectors…LONG.  But there are a few terrifically exciting moments and one such is the day the proofs arrive…TODAY for instance.  When the proofs are in hand the project is more of a reality, more tangible.

The book in question here is the newest, the one on sculptor Manuel Izquierdo entitled

“Manuel Izquierdo: Myth, Nature and Renewal”.  Even though I have watched the process, participated in a bit of sleuthing, taking some working photos, blogged about it…none of that prepares one for the moment the manuscript arrives.  That’s the moment when I see R’s skill at arranging, organizing and understanding the life and work of an artist.  It’s a gift, no doubt about it.  Here are some more images from the manuscript that will be printed and available at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art come January, when the show that this book accompanies opens to the public.

and here is the photo that most delighted me…”Monarch of the Forest”…the first big pieced wood sculpture of the 60’s…the work and most images of it lost forever and then…in that amazing way things happen…at the 11th hour…R found this slide of the piece, a piece that was later destroyed “by accident”…even though it had been sold.

PHEW!  Think you’ll enjoy having a copy of this one come January…


  1. this is great news!!! congrats to R. for his tenacity and scholarship!!!! This will be a lasting tribute to a great artist!! and congrats to you, Bonnie, for your support and interest in the project!

  2. Something fine to look forward to, come the dark days of January! Cheers for Roger and his marvelous way with art and words and words about art; his great ability to build the bridges and show us the connections.

  3. When Manuel said he wanted to crucify himself on one of his sculptures, “Monarch of the Forest” was probably the one he had in mind. If Manuel could see all the hard work Roger has done, he would flash his wide-contagious smile and take a puff off that ever-present pipe.

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