Snail Mail…

I’m pretty electronic these days.  Hours seem to be spent weekly on email, searching, blogs, (an occasional game of mah jong…it’s true) etc.  However, when trying to wade through the MOUNTAIN of paper that the mail-woman brings everyday, I noted that this has been a pretty attractive snail mail week…

Dan Schmidt is having a show in NYC November 7 through December 21 at “Sometimes (works of art)” 83 Canal Street 610 (hope they stayed dry)…LOVE this vibrant painting…39×26″…

Our niece Emma, editor of the Grant HS magazine, has a front page byline

Karen sent an envelope with dried leaves and other fall notes…

Lee Ann Slawson is having a show of photos November 1 to December 2 at the 12×16 Gallery in Sellwood…(I LOVE the brown rust mark in the middle of what looks like a black and white photo…)

and, of course, the snail blog continues to delight almost every day.  My friend Ellen lives in Vermont and is decidedly NOT electronic…and she has been sending post cards (note we are on #894) detailing in a paragraph or two, her life and times in a small Vermont Village…there is a cast of characters, various activities, and both sober and hilarious commentary on her life, as it streams by non-electronically…(this should be a book but I haven’t figured out how to do it…)


  1. After 5 days at the wet coast–which is fine since I’ll choose cozy every time–I can’t tell you what a treat it was to catch up “On The Way”. Not surprisingly, I had forgotten about my autumn envelope and was pleased to see that the leaves survived USPS machines so well. And since the sun was coming out as I drove home yesterday (VanDuzer was golden!) perhaps your time at the coast will be drier.

  2. What an incredibly wonderful on-going gift of the life-in-postcard novella! Karen’s leaves are perfect shorthand for Fall. The painting of barbells and kettle bells is nice too. Has the artist been working out or just wishing he was? Congratulations to Emma!

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