Brown and White Transferware

I started collecting “brown and white” (as Irene and I call it…)  in 1980.  I bought two plates to cheer myself up when we arrived home after a year in London.  It worked…and now I’m REALLY cheerful…

These dishes are English (Staffordshire), the ones I like best were made before 1900 (1840-1900) and they combine pattern, and a variety of motifs that just please my eye.  They were made using little ink prints on thin paper, and then the prints were put in water and the ink print transferred from the paper to a bisque fired plate…(gently pulling the ink onto the plate…removing the paper, glazing and refiring.  Voila!)  I like them for the combinations of pattern and plants and birds and scenes…they really are like “prints”.  They were made in blue and white, and black and white, and green and white, but the brown and white are my favorites.

I was reminded tonight when putting a few things away, that STAGS are featured in many designs…

scenes are popular…

and Jenviv gave me this one year…and every night I put my earrings and watch and a few bracelets on this little plate and think of her…


  1. Thank you for once again reminding us to notice the delightful things we may have collected. Your piece seemed to reveal you seeing your dishes anew.

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