“Honesty Lunaria: How One Thing Leads to Another”

We were outside doing a bit of fall garden clean-up today and I found a stalk of money plant I had yanked out in the summer and put aside to deal …and then forgot all about it.  A little bouquet is always nice, so I started removing the seed pod coverings…before you remove the coverings they look like this…

and after you take the covering off each side of each “coin” you reveal the beautiful white satiny center…

and while I was sitting on the bench doing this, I thought of a drawing I made many years ago when we lived in London for a year.  We didn’t know anybody much, social life was limited, everything was unfamiliar except, when I took a walk there was a money plant in the weeds along the path…so I made a drawing of “honesty lunaria”

the writing around the drawing says…”…to be able to call the plants by name makes them a hundredfold more sweet and interesting.  Naming things is one of the oldest and simplest of human pastimes.”  honesty lunaria annua…money plant…etc.  I don’t remember where I got the quote but remember that it made me feel happy to find a money plant in the world of honesty lunaria annua.  At the bottom of the drawing it says…”on Woodberry Crescent”…and that was where we lived that year, 5 Woodberry Crescent in Muswell Hill…so I had to then go find a picture of #5…

It was a two flat and we had the upstairs…and then I found a picture of us that year…

…and noticed that the picture was taken at Canterbury Cathedral on Thanksgiving weekend…well, I suppose I could go on and on but think I’ll go for a bike ride instead…

and PS to the last post…here’s why that quilt is called “sky writing…”


  1. Lovely! I’ve always loved the money plant! The picture you drew is especially nice.

    In Atlanta at the aeroporto– so crowded and every seat full– lots of standby. That’s the way it is on every flight all of this year. I’ve had middle seats booking three months early on several flights. Glad much of my flying days are behind me, as of this trip!

  2. nice post, sure you google mapped the muswell hill house, looks the same today
    canterbury cathedral is one of my favorites, after ely and wells

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