Some friends have a nice old family quilt that mysteriously was damaged, and I agreed to repair it.  Have I ever repaired a quilt before??  Nope.  But it was fun and didn’t take long…

the damage was on both sides, but not as dramatic on the back…

A damaged section of the quilt had been removed earlier, so I had some fabric to work with, made two patches…appliqued them on…

and then the fun part…re-quilting over the patches, trying to match my own stitches to the original quilters stitches…

All ready to return with only an hour’s work…nice to handle the soft and well worn original…

AND I’m nearly done with “sky writing,” a LONG time in the making…

which I got very very tired of, but it does have some great details in the quilting…

okay..time to fix dinner…over and out.



  1. Oh Bonnie, You gave that beautiful tired quilt a new life!
    Love the sky writing on your quilt. The stitches are stories I wish I could hear. Keep wondering about your thoughts while you were writing them on the quilt.

  2. I appreciate the privilege and joy of repairing a well-loved quilt…and LOVE the freedom and creative happiness I find in BH’s quilts! nl

  3. !!! love the repair job – it looks beautiful. Your quilting on Sky Writing inspires me to get more creative with my own quilting

  4. Hi, Bonnie. This post tickles me pink, so to speak. Love seeing an old quilt repaired rather than cut up. And the quilting on “sky writing” is really cool. And have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!
    best, nadia

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