Celebrating Roger Hull

Born in Tennessee, spending his first year in Brooklyn, growing up in Salamanca, NY, and then Wallace, ID…Roger was on the move early.

The oldest of six children, he had at least a couple of years on his own before the others arrived…

Maybe that’s enough of the story except to say he is a father, an art historian, a beach lover, a biographer, a curator, a caretaker, a lover, a friend.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!


  1. Happy 44th Birthday Roger ~ I never tire of seeing all of your “looks” and hearing about your rich and wonderful life….Cheers to you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Roger! It is only to be wished that your wonderful life with your wonderful companion stretches long and longer! Your adoring friends and fans demand it! May I echo Nancy L’s comment as well. Bonnie, this was a joy to look at and read.

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