After the Feast…

The Beach…in a dark and driving rain…a fire…leftovers (YUM) and the next day, sunshine…

this really is such a beautiful place…

a nap in the sunshine room, noting the reflections in things…

Sunday a walk on Nelscott Beach…

and an early supper at Mo’s…the time of year when the locals rule, and can get a seat by the window to soak in the view while having a bowl of chowder…looking across the Bay at adorable Cutler City…

as the sun begins to set…

and Monday dawns sunny again but we’re off home…goodbye little house, see you soon.


  1. That is a sweet post — makes me want to be there!

    Carol L. Green Representative, YWCA USA National Coordinating Board, Northwest Region

    334 Wyatt Court NE Salem, OR 97301 503 363-4481 h 503 507-4647 c

    “I still believe that generosity is its own reward that kindness will prevail that might does not make right that a soft answer turns away wrath. I still believe that there is power in gentleness that there is more to us than flesh and bone that life will bring happiness if lived for peace and not possessions I still believe people of gentleness and faith can change the world one unseen unsung unrewarded kindness at a time”

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