1. Hallucinations could make for some interesting pieces later… 🙂 Feel better very soon! Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Ramp to studio is essential! Sound mind. Sound heart. The leg will come along with you for it has no choice. Make it comfortable and all will be well. Better to have this happen not at all but if one must, let it be during the quieter,more contemplative time of the year. Peace, love and healing, Bonnie! You are cherished! xoxo from Tribe Rhoades

  3. Firm believe in google eyes for the little hats that hospitals give out to keep toes warm! And that van…holy cats meow…so glad you got the license plate number!

    ps: A cardboard box under the sheets can be truly helpful for sleeping. Pop a pillow in the bottom of the box for heel cushion. Put your sheets and blankets on top. It allows your foot/ankle mobility without blanket snags in the early stages of healing.

  4. HURRAY!! Home to heal. What could be better! I trust you are doing well in the arms of my favorite art historian! xoxoNancy

  5. Home for healing with your Sweetheart companion is surely the best possible Rx! All best wishes for the recovery to be fast and not too ubcomfortable. Love to you Bonnie dear. Anything the McCulloch Clan can do for you, let us know! SD

  6. So hallucinating again?
    Seriously – heal quickly!
    With your sense of humor, steely determination and a sweet hubs to care for you, I have no doubt that you will be dancing to ukulele tunes in no time. Love and hugs

  7. Hello, Bon
    So, it has happened? Are you up the ramp and in the house yet? How do you feel?
    Wish I were there to make food and be amusing, or just sit and quilt (or knit) in your vicinity. I feel too far away. But I send you lots of love and healing wishes. (Sorry about the S.B. lapse. It’ll start catching up again soon.)
    Loving you today and always,

  8. Boy you guys are making me feel BETTER. Old injury, original fusion 2003, sub-taler fusion 2012. 6 weeks non-weight bearing hence my wonderful wheel chair, ramp, etc. Child’s eye view of things…more on that soon, in the meantime I REALLY appreciate the good wishes. P.S. don’t climb trees to avoid studying!!! XO BH

  9. Hope you’ve got lots of supplies on hand in the studio, and good books to read in the house. At least it’s a good time of year for hibernation! Love to you, L

  10. wouldnt a christmas sock look lovely on that foot? or a few sprigs of holly, mistletoe for that matter—kisses to you and speedy healing as well as fab hallucinations…xxxx

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