Manuel Izquierdo at the Hallie Ford Museum, Part 1

Part one of the Manuel Izquierdo show is up at the Hallie Ford Museum of art in the study gallery and the print study room upstairs.  It will be up until mid-February, so you’ll have plenty of time to see the work.  On January 18th the big main floor galleries will open with a retrospective of Izquierdo’s sculpture, as well as some early paintings, pastels from the 1980’s, and prints.


On view in the lobby are images of Manuel by friends and colleagues including this Jack McLarty print…

McLarty print

and this classic mid-1970’s Manuel portrait by George Johanson, which usually hangs in the State Capitol Building…

Johanson portrait

The study gallery upstairs has a fascinating series of maquettes and small sculptures,

Study gallery

study galllery general view

maquette shelf

maquette print

as well as intriguing photos of Manuel and his studio…this one by Al Monner in the 1950’s…

Monner photo of MI

and this composite view from the mid-90’s by Don Normark…

composite view of Izquierdo studio...

The label for this small wood piece called “Blue Wind”

blue wind

has an attached thumbnail for Izquierdo’s monumental wood piece “Monarch of the Forest” which was destroyed in 1959…

blue wind label

in the nearby room called the Print Study Center, some of Izquierdo’s beautiful wood block prints are on view, and two are accompanied by the actual blocks which themselves are works of art.  Izquierdo started his art life as a carver in his grandfather’s workshop, and had a life-long love of carving.  According to Roger Hull’s monograph on Izquierdo (which will be available at the opening), Manuel often carved in the evening and found it relaxing.

circus block

circus print

circus detail

It MIGHT be good to see this part of the show and read the information-filled labels so when January 18th rolls around, you’ll have an Izquierdo “vocabulary” for viewing the show…in any case, a rainy afternoon in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art is a treat.


  1. Dear Bonnie…thanks, as always, for the Izquierdo “heads up”. I’m looking forward to it all! And…you’re in my thoughts as you enter your next food surgery adventure. “Be of good cheer”…and may everything go together beautifully! xoxonancy

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