Week Two Ahead….

Today marks a week since ankle surgery wherein I have cut my meds in half, RE- learned how to spin around the house in a wheel chair, read a mystery (Archer Mayer…”Tag Man”…a good read and thanks Ellen!) and slept a lot.  The first few days I was in bed a lot and have a new appreciation for how much a pretty room elevates one’s mood….here’s the view from the bed…(when Mike came some years ago to paint the bedroom and saw the “Citrus BLAST” paint, he was reluctant…but assured me he could easily repaint it if we didn’t like it …we LOVE it…)


Lest you think I’ve become a slacker though, I’ve also started quilting on a quilt top I made this summer and at the rate I’m going I think I’ll have it done by Christmas…(I just started quilting last week)


My new creative endeavor for the week has been the shrinky-dink caper…wherein I was having a BLAST making Christmas ornaments for loved ones…

shrinky 1

when TRAGEDY struck…(and these two were really nice too…)

shrinky 2

so today I’m going to try out my theory…ink side up, ink side down????  I’m heating the test oven right now….!

I have excellent care, notes from friends, a floral tribute, plenty of reading material and unlimited time.  The challenge for week two will be LEAVING THE HOUSE!!!





  1. Bonnie: I was slow to pick up the news about your ankle surgery, though I saw your photo with you leg wrapped. Somehow, It didn’t register. What was the problem that required surgery? Your blog brightens my day, even when I’m down today with bronchitis. The shot of your bedroom was cheery. Like you. George

  2. That is one rockin’ citrus blast. Agreed – cheery – like you – with half the meds, and doing wheelies in your chair. Rockin and rollin. And the quilt progress, inspiring. Alas poor shrinkies. Wish I was there to play with you. I think you are having way too much fun with that bum foot.

  3. Funny how the hand quilting goes. I push it aside for a long time but once it started, it surprises me how fast it goes. Love your spiraling stitches.
    The wall paint is uplifting indeed!

  4. Your whole house is magical and beautiful…as are you. Wishing you a super Christmas, and a very swift and smooth ankle healing.

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