George and Manuel…

The final final FINAL manuscript proof went to the printer this afternoon for R’s book on Manuel Izquierdo.  It will look like this (only R’s name will be on the front cover too):


and yesterday George and Phyllis came down to look at the first two parts of the show, which are already up…see here…R got George to pose with the portrait he painted of Manuel back in the 1970’s.


Manuel and George Johanson go WAY back.  They were students together in the 1940’s, and then colleagues at the Museum School (now PNCA) for many years…friends until Manuel died….thought you might like to turn back the clock and see them as students??



  1. That gives me a deeper perspective on that marvelous painting that is in the Capitol percent for art collection.

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  2. Check out George’s cool socks and sandals! Yes… the painting was purchased in the 1970’s as part of the original per cent for art collection, at the time the office wings were added to the building. The painting had been purchased from the Fountain Gallery, but was burned in the horrible Fountain Gallery fire where so many artists lost so much work…uninsured. George repainted the painting, and it went into the Capitol collection. Recently when the “wings” were refurbished, the percent for art money went for refurbishing the existing collection, urged by Frankie Bell…arts advocate and Capitol advocate…and carried out by Meagan Atiyeh of the Oregon Arts Commission.

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