Take-A-Breath Day

I admit to kind of liking it when something shows up in the NYTimes or a magazine as being a must have item…and it’s an item that’s been kicking around my own kitchen for at least three years (though I take no credit for design sense…it was a gift)…

cutting board

(in case you missed it, it’s called the “Cutting Rings” board by Anthony Joseph,  available from MOMA for $25.00).  We love it.

I took a day off (phew) from stamina building today (resuming tomorrow) and did some sewing.  Carolyn went to Australia for the eclipse before Christmas and sent me a few small pieces of “dream-time” fabric…


which I spent the day trying to make into a “piece of cloth”…


lots of squares

the fabric grows



  1. The NYT cutting board coincidence has given me license to share one of my own. 7 or 8 years ago I found a large, like-new, woven wingback chair at Wm. Temple Thrift in NW Portland. Didn’t hesitate to spend the $75….and once again knew why I love my Subaru Outback….the chair fit! Within the next few months the Times had a whole article on wingback chairs. Mine was there, unmistakable with name of maker, measurements and the price, $3000. Oh happy day.

  2. You taught me everything I know on that score…(oh the miracle of watching you enter the Salvation Army, me right behind you seeing piles of junk but within minutes you had a presentable chinese basket, 2 wooden candle sticks and a fire king mug…GODDESS!!!!)

  3. Good morning dear Bonnie…I love your piece of day – black, white, yellow – some of my favorite colors together. And last night I saw your beautiful Baby Runkel quilt. What a treasure!!.. as are you. Hugs, N.

    1. wow you do wonders with the little bits–getting my sewing machine back soon and will try some other australian aborigine designed stuff, see what happens! (oh, the damage on the machine was done by me trying to repair it) (lucky i dont try to fix my car) xxxxxxx to you!

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