Stamina-building, Day 4

blue sky

That’s really what this week is about…starting to walk, and building stamina…but in the most fun possible way.  Today’s “work” began with a sunny-day breakfast with some artist friends, including Violet, who got right to work with crayons…


and then getting the quilt (for the soon-to-arrive Seattle baby) safely into his grandmother’s hands…


After lunch we took off to visit the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery and had the total fun of using the new “ARTBLOX” machine…

art bloxart blox 2

you trade your $10 for a quarter painted red…

red q

…pop it into the machine, and out flies a block, painted by a local artist…total fun.    MY block was painted by MLZ herself…



…and we will come back…you guys, get down to the gallery and try it…the money goes to local artists in need!  Think global, act local.

Then on for a little sleuthing.  The city says there will be a new cell tower installed in our neighborhood.  I asked Joan (who always knows) where it would be, and she told me adding “It will look like a pine tree.”  What?  Gloria said to check out the one behind McMenamin’s/Thompsons Brew Pub (3575 Liberty Rd. S if you want a drive-by), so today we did…see it?

cell 1

cell 2cell 3

cell 4cell 5

…from the sublime to the ridiculous?


  1. If you really want to laugh, google “palm tree cell towers” and hit “images” to see the Arizona version of cell tower “hiding”…

  2. Bonnie, the quilt is gorgeous!
    And I’m really fascinated by the cell tower issue. Those ugly things are all over the place, and a new design is needed. Perhaps this is the opportunity – a sleek metal design that almost disappears, with temporary pine dressing, surrounded by real trees that will grow up.
    Please keep us informed about what happens.
    XOXO Mare

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