We zoomed to Portland this past week for a sleep-over…the weather was mostly like that pictured in this Michael Brophy painting…


but spirits were high anyway.  We visited Sara, checked in to our hotel of choice and headed over to Henk’s opening at Laura Russo.  The paintings are gorgeous, big, full of drama.  (As it was my first outing on a cane only, I didn’t get the best photos…)

Henk 1

Henk 2

Both of the gentlemen who sat for the portraits were on hand (and willing to pose…Thank you Graham and Terry)…


We then headed out for dinner with D & M and Z & A at Bollywood Theater on Alberta…

Bollywood 1

…not a theater at all but a restaurant serving small plates…”Indian Street Food” and it was all delicious…we ordered a bunch of stuff I had never heard of and all the surprises were good…and the decor…(I faced a movie screen showing Bollywood westerns…)

Bollywood 2

Bollyqwood 3

Next day we were delivering books to Blackfish Gallery and took in Paul Missal’s Bird Suite…


Paul 1

Paul 2

crow  (the painting reminded me of this photo from last week…no relation except in my brain…)

Then on for a new cast…#4 and bright red…


and home…finishing off the day at Paula’s…drawing night…

Paula 1


though truthfully I could hardly hold a pencil by that time…

drawing night

…stamina building??  Yikes.


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