Quilt News…the Good News First…

I finished the “recovery quilt”…(even though the recovery itself lags behind…)!  I started the quilt in August using some hand-dyed fabrics from Mary and a sheet from Value Village…

Recovery 1

I added on to it this fall until it was big enough to be a “real” quilt…

recovery 3

…and then started quilting it.  For me only, the hand quilting part is important.  It takes time.  Karma is built in.  The whole project was a bit random though, and I wanted the quilting to be random, instead of a pattern…which was a super good idea, but took AGES…

Mod quilting

However, in recovery mode, confined to home for the most part, progress was made.  I took it everywhere…motels, doctor appointments and did TONS of sewing in the car and…VOILA…it’s all done.  I’m happy with it, I think…but the not-so-good news… sadly the red bits faded into the white…alas.  Guess that means it’s mine!


And now the bad news.  I made a little quilt for an at-risk baby of friends in NYC.  Her name was embroidered on the quilt and the karma was good.  In January we packed it up and sent it off, and yesterday came a bit of bad news…the box was found empty in the Seattle post office, the quilt is gone.  I’m sort of speechless.  I had started the quilt last summer at Project space…

Hen 1

Hen 2

Hen 3

Hen 4

I’ve sent photos to USPS as a “claim” (no…I didn’t insure it…oops) just in the hope that it might turn up???  Hold the good thought…


  1. So sorry that the lovely baby girl quilt has been stolen. How strange to think that anyone could do that or enjoy the ill-gotten gain of it. Your recovery quilt is also wonderful, even with the gentle tint of random pink.

  2. Bonnie, I like what Bill says about your quilts. I agree 100%! Having said that, So sorry that quilt has gone missing. Hope you find it. Love your recovery quilt. So you!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the “recovery quilt” soon. Your hand quilting adds so much. Pretty spooky to hear about the stolen quilt. No insurance money could replace it. I think there’s something you can use to get out the red bleed. Ask Sally.

  4. oh bonnie, our hearts go out to you. the red bleed has its own kind of lovely story behind it & seems appropriate somehow for a ‘recovery’ quilt. but the missing baby girl quilt is just too sad. we worry about our USPS these days, but really… how could that happen by the time it got to Seattle no less?

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the lost quilt and wonder how the baby is doing that it was for? I hope, somehow, it will be found…. At least you know baby Runkel will grow strong under your wonderous one. xoxn.

  6. beautiful recovery quilt and absolutely gorgeous quilting. don’t worry about the fading/bleeding. just makes it seem older than it is. how was it quilting through a sheet? I’ve always heard that’s miserable. ugh on the stolen baby quilt. There’s a facebook page where you can post a pic and hope someone sees it.

  7. I love both your quilts, your hand quilting is lovely. Very sorry to hear the baby quilt was stolen, I just posted about 100+ quilts going missing, it seems to be happening more and more 😦

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