1. Hm. No reason given for removal? Looks like it was leaning, maybe heaving a bit. Heavy crown and a narrow tree space. I wonder if the construction affected the roots? Looks like an oak was planted. Oaks get big. Small space though.

  2. When I walked to work daily–1996-2001–through Bush Park, past the hospital, by Willamette, the capitol, Willson Park, various churches and state buildings over to Tourism at State Lands, there were regular removals and deaths of trees which just broke my heart.
    The light, the mood, entire street scenes changed drastically. But slowly I began to feel that in some way those lost trees had a lifespan, just as I do.
    That commonsense epiphany comforted me a bit, but I still hate to see any tree go down, especially in the parks. Your two documentations were sobering reminders of the changes we cannot avoid.

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