Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Friday is Member Appreciation Day at the Hallie Ford Museum of art.  There will be tours and chats and food…it will be fun.


This little museum takes the art of Oregon and our region very seriously, producing many wonderful shows every year of work in and out of our region…and if you aren’t already a member I’d like to urge you to consider supporting the Salem and Oregon art scene in this way.  I’m particularly urging membership at the $100 level since I learned that a membership at that level gives you FREE admission to all museums in the North American Reciprocal Program.  Here are some of the museums you can visit for free…

In Oregon the Jordan Schnitzer museum and the Museum of Contemporary craft.  In Washington the Bellevue Arts Museum, Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), Maryhill Museum of Art, Museum of Glass (Tacoma), Tacoma Art Museum.  The Boise Art Museum.  MOCA in LA, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and many many others…really guys…think about all you can get for only $100…and if you sign up tomorrow we’ll see you there tomorrow night at the “Meet and Greet.”  (Did I say the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center?)


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  1. bonnie, becoming members is on our must do list. asap. we are members of the portland art museum, so how absurd not to be members of the hallie ford. the shows at the hallie are first rate & the museum itself is beautiful. we didn’t make the member’s list by friday, but will soon. consider us sold. sloy & nic

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