Manuel Izquierdo: Farewell


Only three more days to get down to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art to see the Manuel Izquierdo Show.  To celebrate the end of the show curator Roger Hull will moderate a panel of four regional sculptors at the museum on Sunday March 24th at 2:00 p.m., talking about Manuel and his work.  As luck would have it, Salem has a nice work by each of the four…

James Lee Hansen was in art school with Manuel so has an interesting long-time perspective on his body of work and sculpture in the region, and has himself a beautiful body of his own work represented in Salem by the civic center fountain…


Bill Blix, a Eugene sculptor, has many public works of art throughout the region including the fountain in front of the State Capitol Building on the Mall…


Robert Hess, Salem resident and Willamette University faculty member, has several pieces in Salem but this one is the most accessible right at street level (reminding us that it would be really nice to have more sculpture as part of our street-scape!)…


Lee Imonen is a Willamette Alum, now teaching in Eugene and building a beautiful body of creative work including this piece which stands in an inner court yard on the North Mall of the State of Oregon campus…


Better come take a last look at the stellar group of works by Manuel Izquierdo…gathered from around the region, standing beautifully together for one last time…



  1. bonnie…been down with the uncommon cold, but still following your blog with pleasure. when & where is this talk that roger is moderating with the 4 regional sculptors going to be held? (san)

  2. Sorry San…went back to correct date and time but it won’t correct on FB…the talk is Sunday the 24th at 2:00 p.m. in the lecture hall on the 2nd floor of the Hallie Ford Museum (that would be Roger Hull Hall)…hope you get well soon!

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