A Visit to Cynthia…

Quilter Cynthia Wilcox was one of my very first quilting mentors. She taught me a lot, and patiently looked at my puny first efforts, always adding encouraging comments.  I went to her studio several times and we would just “play” with scraps…I consider those moments to have been seriously important to the way I work.  She would clear the design wall, open the scrap bins and off we’d go.

Last week I went up to her secluded house on the Little North Fork River and found there had been a few changes to her view…here was the view across the river in 2009…


C&J 2009

but I immediately noted she has a new neighbor…

C 2013

oops…so much for seclusion…but the views are still beautiful…

further along

After coffee and catching up, we hit the studio…I have a new project going and I needed some advice, which she gave me after seriously looking….(more on THAT one at a later date…)


In the studio, Cynthia said that due to life circumstances she hadn’t done any sewing for 2 years, so we got out all the quilts on hand and took a look…LOVE this Virgin of Guadalupe



(here’s my FAVORITE)





and we laughed and laughed…the same thing is true with quilts as with 2D art work…put them away out of sight for two years and they are MUCH better when you look again!  I’m hoping she restarts…(for one thing we have an unfinished scrap quilt forming up on her design wall that needs finishing!!)


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