A Room of Our Own…

A deal has been arranged, and we moved into “our” room at Z & A’s…

house front

Due to art research and occasional fun (…we only allow ourselves OCCASIONAL fun…) we were needing a landing spot in Portland…and now we have one.  By “moved in” I really mean we brought some art and a lamp or two…they had been renting this room out and the last renter moved out March 1…so we’ve now moved in.  We get to see the kids and have some chats, watch the new backyard evolution, and have a convenient launching pad for our own activities.


ne bed of roses


"our" window

Z & A have moved the raspberries forward and Zach built a little deck out of palettes (free) with decking on top…it’s back by the chicken coop…

deck 2

coop 1

coop 2

coop 3

On our first morning we had a little breakfast…


checked the site of the soon-to-be new raised beds…

future raised beds

and headed off for a neighborhood drive-about, heading up Lincoln past the Canoe and Kayak Museum (it’s Portland after all)

canoe and kayak museum

up to Mount Tabor park…

Tabor Trees

to take a couple of views….

view 1

view 2

grab a lunch to go…


and head off into a day of errands, appointments, stuff…and as luck would have it, there’s a Stumptown coffee shop only a few blocks away…HOW PERFECT IS THAT????!!



  1. . . .and they lived happily, ever after !! What WONDERFUL fun……and what a testimony to your relationshipw/Z & A………., that “A” must be quite a girl !!! N Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 19:26:55 +0000 To: npheald@live.com

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