“Map of the Table”

Just finishing up my most recent sketchbook project book in preparation for sending it off to the Brooklyn Art Library…maybe it will come to Portland this summer on the Sketchbook Tour??!  One more page to go but thought I’d just put it on here today…it’s called “Map of the Table” and I’ve been dragging it around with me, making small drawings on a variety of small tables around the region…

front cover

Map 1

map 2map 3map 4map 5map 6map 7map 8map 9map 10map 11map 12map 13

map 14map 15

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your sketchbook, Bonnie. The style makes me think of the library newsletter covers and the two pieces that Linnea has hanging at her house, which are the only two things I’ve asked her for!

  2. Your unique creativity has been a part of my life for all the Salem years we’ve been friends, but lordy, lordy, these table maps just knock me out! And the spring quilt is a close second. Thank you for continuing to amaze and share.

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