Room With a View

Saturday we headed north up the coast…


to visit April and Nathan in their newish beach house (they got it last July).  It has an amazing amazing view and April has set up her easel in the living room and is painting there as many days as she can be away from Salem…

easel 1

view 1

view 2

Not only are the views beautiful but the house is a gem…built in 1948 and designed by Portland architect Roscoe D. Hemenway, Nathan is an architect and was pleased to be able to get a copy of the original drawings for the house…

drawings 1

The house provides great spaces for April’s paintings…



l;ong painting

and other people’s paintings too…here’s a cheery bouquet by Nancy Lindburg in the kitchen…


so after a glass of wine and a good conversation about art and music, while staring at the view… we took one last look

deck view

easel 2

and headed south…thanks Nathan and April for a warm and lovely afternoon!


  1. ..hello.. i found your posting due to the hemenway tagging.. i live in Portland in a Hemenway house and am trying to learn more about him and the homes he built.. this is the first i have heard of a property outside of the city.. i would love to be connected to the owners and find out what they have learned about him, who the house was built for etc.. my address is thanks in advance..

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