The Narrative of Street Trees…

In any city, even a small one like ours, the trees tell stories…who planted them, who decided, when they were planted.  And on.  As luck would have it, I happened to be down at the Ladd and Bush Bank Friday photographing a moment…

former trees

just as David Rosales was being arrested for his protest of the tree removal…

police car

I don’t know what went on in the incident, but I do know the view of gorgeous street trees from David’s restaurant La Capitale is beautiful…captivating me totally a couple of weeks ago…

LC 1

LC 2

yellow tree

better go try the chicken caesar and enjoy the view.  These trees aren’t going anywhere.


  1. I can just imagine how many people are sad about the trees. Thank you for your thoughtful blog.

  2. I walked my bike on the sidewalk yesterday past those chopped stumps, and mourned those trees, the loss of the shade and beauty they provided to our little city, the homes for critters and birds. What a shame. I would have left a red rose on each one, had I had roses on me!

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