Save This Tree…

As you can see this last tree near the front door of U.S.Bank’s Ladd and Bush Branch is healthy and beautiful…

save this tree

It would be such a vote of confidence for this community, a community that doesn’t like to think of a NON-community bank altering our landscape so dramatically, if this one tree could be saved.

Save this tree 2

As you can see, the roots are NOT pulling up the sidewalk…

save this tree 3

How about it U.S.Bank??


  1. Yes, it is standing there being beautiful and useful but is it blocking a few feet of our view of the bank building? Supossedly that is the reason the City Council HAD to allow the bank folks to dictate the clear cut. Not sure why our duly chosen reps of our city government are so helpless on this issue. (as well as signage in our city). So now what? Table tossing seems to be out as protest.

  2. What is it in the water around here that causes tree-hate? In my neighborhood, two families have cut down beautiful, mature trees that lined the street with their beauty. Their choices have cost the entire neighborhood, and neither had any rhyme or reason.

  3. What a great idea. The other trees are gone but saving this one would be much better than a clear cut.

  4. This is so sad. I just don’t get people chopping trees down just cause. Could we fight to make the tree a park like Waldo park near Saturday Market?

  5. Apparently, its not cut down yet because there are birds currently nesting there and its against the law to remove trees while birds are nesting. If only we could get the birds to stay…

  6. I am now looking out from our gallery to a giant building that hardens the landscape. The trees softened the views, added graceful texture and changed with the seasons. Now all I see are hard edges and unbending powers of bankers who must be dizzy from looking at all their money. Give me a break U.S. Bank, I’m so disappointed.

  7. I like the word compromise or resolve. What ways are there that both sides can find peace in this dispute. I personally like the trees yet understand the concerns. Saving the good tree seems like a resolve that might work. Salem is however part of Tree City USA a link is on the cities website.

    1. I went to the Tree City web site and found an interesting pamphlet. Its on trees and signage. Its interesting to see the information is available to the city and we are a part of Tree City USA. I’m not sure who we need to go to about this, but I know someone who works in the forestry department and I thought I’d ask them. The link to the pamphlet is here if anyone is interested.

  8. does anyone in the city council or anyone who manages this bank’s branch ever hear these concerns? does your blog get ‘inside’? has there been a delegation of neighbors on the block to the bank with these concerns?

  9. I don’t think my blog gets “inside”…back in the day I knew a number of downtown players, but outside of the food business, not so much now. Hmmmm….

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