1. How SPLENDID………LOVE-IT…….. Your work ?Tree Fairy ? Flowers & Art….SO key to Salem vitality !Hip-Hip-Hoorah ! Nadine

    Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 20:40:59 +0000 To: npheald@live.com

  2. Bonnie: This is between you and me: Anna Peterson e-mailed me yesterday partly to seek my advice about the bank/tree situation. She interned with me years ago when I was assistant director of ODOT, and Edwin and I go back 40 years or so. The tree situation is on Anna’s mind and, I think, her conscience. I suggested she form an expert task group to audit the greenery downtown, and determine the condition of existing greenery and locations for new plantings. Finally, that she form a volunteer group to monitor the greenery and keep it healthy and attractive–that greenery is an important feature in our downtown and should be promoted. FYI. George

    1. Hmmm. Could it be, perhaps . . . ? Bless whoever left the flowers. Great gesture! And, if those lovely trees died for no just cause (and it appears that may well be the case), but by so doing the community’s sorrow has raised the consciences of the ones who felled them, they may not have not have died in vain. Live, learn, grow abundantly.

      1. Excuse me. “. . . they many not have died in vain.” One “not” too many.

  3. I sooo wish Anna would weigh in with her cheerful but firm presence…but immediately, NOW, with the bank. It would be a no-brainer for the bank to leave at least the one tree in full leaf by the front door…as someone mentioned in an earlier comment, my blog posts don’t get “inside” the bank…task forces and volunteer panels are good, but we need more immediate action…

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