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It’s a work zone over here today.  Mike’s crew arrived early to tear off the old roof…

tear off

all off

and then the plywood sheathing went on…and here’s Mike himself (hint: he isn’t 20, 30 40 or 50…)


…the crew was well-supervised at our end…


and by the end of their work day the front was ready to get the shingles (which were delivered as the crew left…)

shingless arrive

Mike's truck

The job will be done by Thursday and the week promises to be warm and sunny…

Meanwhile Scott has started inside on the bathroom which used to look like this….

bathroom before

but now looks like this…(the plant room is becoming a new shower!!!)

batheroom demo 2

PHEW!!!!  And I put the lace curtains in the Goodwill box…my lace curtain days are over…stay tuned…