Restaurant News…

Well just about this time in 1991 we were “building” the Arbor Cafe…certain that soon there would be 10 downtown restaurants opening up.  Oops.  Never happened.  But this summer in Salem the restaurant scene is heating up…

Have you been to Maven yet…??  Good food, good ambience…State Street.

restaurnt maven

for Salem-ites it’s right across the street from The Wild Pear…which will be open for dinner on first Wednesday through the summer, and has pushed back it’s regular closing to 6:00 for happy hour and food on the early end of things…

restaurant Wild Pear

later on in the summer we can look for two newcomers…stand-by Amadeus is moving downtown in May…(where the Coffee House cafe used to be…or if you have REALLY been here a long time, where Brice’s dress shop was…on Liberty)

restaurnt 1

restaurnt 2

and Nate Rafn is opening a restaurant on Court Street (where the Big Town Hero used to be)…

restaurant Rafn

AND…keep your eyes peeled for something exciting happening here this summer…opening in September!!??

restauyrant Sally's

When everything is up and operating it will be time for a restaurant review maybe…?  Think Local!!


  1. Hi Bonnie, where is the last location pictured? I can’t place it…is it north of downtown?

  2. Next to Office Depot on South Commercial, near Roth’s Vista, Venti’s, French Press, Los Baez, etc. ! MY NEIGHBORHOOD. Love this information! It was Teriyaki something… not sure. As for our beloved downtown, SO excited for the Rafns, and WOW ! Amadeus will finally be where they should have been all along!

  3. Rafn’s place will actually be where the Quiznos was closer to High St. next to Olson’s. A coin-op arcade is going in where Big Town Hero was.

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