Friday Follow Up

First and foremost, I made a mistake on the location of Rochelle and Nate Rafn’s new restaurant.  It will open early in June at 479 Court (next door to Olson’s Florist)…(that used to be Quizno’s sandwich shop…)  Thanks to my neighbor Jason Heimerdinger and David at the Statesman Journal, disaster was averted…because if you went to the former Big Town Hero you’d find a video game mall…NOT a nice restaurant.  Here’s the photo of the REAL place to keep your eye on…

Rafn Correction

Meanwhile the last two street tees are still there, though the stumps of the others have been removed so no more “altars” for floral tributes to our lost “soldiers.”

2 trees

stumps gone

and back on the homefront, the roof was finished today and I TOTALLY recommend Mike’s roofing…really amazing work, total clean-up, fair price…


new roof front

new roof back

It was NOISY tho so we took off to Portland for one night…saw some art, dinner with the adorables…


and, of course…


roll on weekend…yard work ahead…

back yard

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  1. Excellent roofing job! Such an accomplishment before the Summer or Fall rains xonancy!

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