DAN MAY: Hooray!!!

We were both VERY excited to hear this afternoon that Salem artist Dan May has been named a 2013 Hallie Ford Fellow in the Visual Arts, along with Portland artist Cynthia Lahti and Eugene artist Mike Bray.   These three were chosen from a “diverse pool” of 183 artists, and each will receive an unrestricted grant of $25,000.

Dan May has a fierce work ethic, a focused art practice and a unique view of the world, taking cues from found materials and local culture.  For more than 40 years we have watched him make interesting and beautiful things, interpret this place where we live, received messages from him both intriguing and thoughtful.  Roger and I could not be more pleased that the Ford Family Foundation has chosen Dan May for this award.

Dan red door

Island Salem

Dan windows

Dan WU

Dan last


  1. I love his work. He deserves it. Glad to see he is recognized and supported. He makes such unusual and interesting pieces.

  2. DAN DAN THE DAN-CIN MAN ! So glad to hear this bit of good news. Dan is a wonderful human and a couragous artist. Love the man and his work.

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