Carl Hall: Ephemera

Regional artist Carl Hall left a wealth of material behind for his family to deal with after his death in 1996.  His wife and daughters have generously donated paintings to many institutions in the Pacific Northwest, sold much work, and sorted and re-formatted more.  Still…Carl was prolific and there is the fantastically interesting archival material left.  The Hall daughters are donating these small ephemeral drawings to the Northwest Artist’s Archive at Willamette University.  R and I agreed to help out by sorting several boxes of drawings…fascinating for an artist (me) to see what another artist (Carl) held on to.  Many of the papers are just scraps with fascinating notations about color, or titles maybe, or methods to use…or maybe just an idea.  I just thought you might like a peek at the process…







tomorrow off it goes to the archive…


  1. How fortunate for you to see these, how fascinating in fresh out of the box. Looking forward to one day seeing these in some kind of exhibit.

  2. So interesting! Thank you for sharing. It is so interesting to see what other artists keep. I have to ask, in the third photograph what does the note say on top of the pile? I can read the others but not that one, and it greatly resembles a drawing I have of his.

  3. a thought provoking post, bonnie. the first sentence grabbed us immediately: “Regional artist Carl Hall left a wealth of material behind for his family to deal with after his death in 1996.” we remember reading about how artists need to prepare for their inevitable demise, & it was chuck close, i believe, who said, “artists leave 2 bodies… their own & their body of work.” an interesting process you reveal here. thank you & thank roger for the generosity you both exemplify by posting these ‘inside’ glimpses into the art & lives of our regional artists, & the work that goes on around it all.

  4. Thank you Bonnie. Wonderful to see again even this small glimpse of Carl’s working process. How fortunate that we have you & Roger to steward this material. Perfect place for these marvelous bits and pieces in the WU’s NW Artists archive.

  5. It was interesting and odd…and very very nice to sort through these small ephemeral drawings. I laughed a lot because as an artist of a certain age I have the same exact problem…there’s a little drawing that isn’t much EXCEPT it has this one tiny passage, gesture, thought. It made me wonder who will be sorting through our stuff one day…maybe Sara Swanborn???

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