The Week in Review …

(leaving out all politics…).  After a stormy beach weekend

rear view beach mirror

we returned Monday to the chaos of home renovation…the week brought a new floor, paint, and the shower tile going in…here are the visuals:

bathroom 1

bathroom 3bathroom 4

bathroom with fanpainters 2

painter plastic


Friday I took a break and headed over to pick up Jon and Irene and head out for lunch to the MIG Farm Cart!!!!  Yippee!!!!  They’re opening this week and had a trial run…



inside the cart



THANKFULLY my favorite salad…butter lettuce with blue cheese…is still on the menu…

blue cheeseplants 1plants 2

better head out there soon and don’t be shy about ordering the blueberry milkshake!!!  YUM!!!

blueberry shake

Friday night brought Holly Andres talking about her photos…up for the summer at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art…they are fascinating, hilarious, mysterious.  Don’t miss this show…

Holly Andres

Today we took a quick look at progress on various fronts…Acme Bar and Grill (Jeff and Cecilia Ritter James) has applied for the liquor license…


the Rafns’ restaurant is almost ready….


the bank hasn’t cut down the last two trees yet (and I can NOT POSSIBLY imagine they would want to get rid of these…)


and when we got home I had to do a little “stylin”…


but tomorrow they come to finish up what I now think of as “the shrine”…

shower 2shower Sunday

and you have to love the new signs they’ve put up by the railroad tracks…


Have a good week ahead!!





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