I have been very lucky, in many ways…but today I’m thinking about fathers…my own Howard Decker…(here we were in 1946)

Daddy and me

Roger’s father Piatt Hull (here they are in about 1944)

Piatt & R

R’s lovely grandfather H.J. Hull…here with Piatt in St Marie’s, Idaho about 1915…


my wonderful Uncle John Zurmuehlen…here with me, but father to Don a bit later on…

uncle John

and my lovely brothers…here’s Bru with fishing buddy son Sam (who will be 23 this summer and is STILL a fishing buddy!)


and Doug with Emma (who just graduated from high school last week…she’s taller now)…


and BIL George with the adorable Fanny…now 23…(And Happy Birthday today George!)


and of course…the dynamic Court Street duo…R&Z…


As we think about welcoming a new baby this year,  among the many thoughts in my head is the train of humanity through the ages, all the fathers, all the sons and daughters…all the moments like those pictured here…Happy Father’s Day you guys.



  1. In your post a few days ago, I KNEW you were alluding to a baby but was too chicken – for lots of reasons, some good, some just chicken.chicken – to speak up.

    You go GURL! x0x


  2. Beautiful post. Love Doug’s comment. The best job in the world except, perhaps, for that of a mother.

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