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That’s a mix of activities, like any good Wednesday can provide…but first, anybody know what’s happening to the McGilchrist Building?

McGilchrist 1

we were so happy to see the ugly stuff coming off an revealing the original graceful proportions or the windows…here’s hoping they are heading in the right direction!

McGiulchrist 2

Alisa breezed into town yesterday from Santa Barbara (where she’s working on her PhD in art history) and came for supper…

Aliza texting

and this morning I took her along to photographer Alexandra Opie’s photo studio to “pose”.  Last summer I sat for a tin type for Alexandra’s portrait series, and this summer Alexandra is examining the wet collodion process.  She’s combining the photo process with traced images of period (1860-80) costume for some interesting results…

AO 1

AO 2

Here’s Alexandra preparing the plate she’ll use for her image of Alisa…

AO 3

then down to the photo studio…where Alexandra explains how she wants Alisa to stand

AO 4

AO 6



then back upstairs to the darkroom for chemicals and a water bath, and to watch the image emerge…

AO 8


AO 10

AO 11

and unlike this modern digital-instant-photo age, this whole process took two hours, but was fascinating…so we needed to repair to the countryside for a MIG farm stand lunch…

inside the cart

we both had the salad trio…quinoa, kale and a blue cheese on lettuce…YUM!