Wet Collodion Process and Farm lunch…

That’s a mix of activities, like any good Wednesday can provide…but first, anybody know what’s happening to the McGilchrist Building?

McGilchrist 1

we were so happy to see the ugly stuff coming off an revealing the original graceful proportions or the windows…here’s hoping they are heading in the right direction!

McGiulchrist 2

Alisa breezed into town yesterday from Santa Barbara (where she’s working on her PhD in art history) and came for supper…

Aliza texting

and this morning I took her along to photographer Alexandra Opie’s photo studio to “pose”.  Last summer I sat for a tin type for Alexandra’s portrait series, and this summer Alexandra is examining the wet collodion process.  She’s combining the photo process with traced images of period (1860-80) costume for some interesting results…

AO 1

AO 2

Here’s Alexandra preparing the plate she’ll use for her image of Alisa…

AO 3

then down to the photo studio…where Alexandra explains how she wants Alisa to stand

AO 4

AO 6



then back upstairs to the darkroom for chemicals and a water bath, and to watch the image emerge…

AO 8


AO 10

AO 11

and unlike this modern digital-instant-photo age, this whole process took two hours, but was fascinating…so we needed to repair to the countryside for a MIG farm stand lunch…

inside the cart

we both had the salad trio…quinoa, kale and a blue cheese on lettuce…YUM!




  1. bonnie, we tried to remember where that gourmet food cart was located the day we returned from our road trip. ended up eating for the 1st time ever at White’s. dave’s always been curious. very sweet folks. good BLT & salad. your salad trio here seems uber delish. alisa looks seriously gorgeous in her tin type. immediately less casual (cute) today. instead exotic yesterday. s

  2. There’s a gallery in Astoria that loves to show this type of photography. It’s called Lightbox Photographic, and I’m sure Alexandra would already know about it – but if she doesn’t, I can recommend it as a nice place to show.

  3. I hadn’t heard of the above photo technique before – very cool!
    My lunch: quinoa with raisins, cranberries, and pistachios sauced with freshly squeezed lemon juice and pinch of sea salt. Yum.

  4. A few months ago the Statesman reported that Gaye Caldarazzo (widow of Guido, now married to ???) and her husband purchased the bldg. Plans to restore lower level for retail; upper for apts. They’ll reside there. Yeah for people who believe in downtown Salem – let’s all sign the petition – No Parking Meters!

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