Marie Watt/Project Space/Tour of Homes

This seems to be the week for odd splices on this blog…bear with me (as Mark Siegel used to say…). Brooklyn artist/sculptor Marie Watt is doing a specific blanket piece for the Hallie Ford Museum of Art here in Salem.  To that end I’m donating a family blanket to the project.  Each blanket will have tags attached carrying the name of the donor and the story of the particular blanket…

blanket 1

blanket 2

blanket 3

Then on to another Project Space opening, with another set of artists including Phil Decker (no relation to me) who has a an intriguing and witty set of photos of “urban hikes”…

Phil 1

Phil 2

the Rothsteins’ zipper extravaganza…


rothsteins 2

rothsteins 3

Lily Gael’s series of photos of nature/body hitting off of these wonderful photos


and Dennis Williamson’s birds (which you…like this little girl…DO want to touch…)

Dennis 1

Our final stop for the day was over in Monmouth in Edwards Addition…where builder Eric Olson had this house on the tour of homes…(709 Sunnycroft Lane…open Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.)

Eric 1

we’re not in the house market, but have always liked these new houses based on traditional styles and this time there was a reason to tour…my piece “under China Sea” was hanging in the master bedroom courtesy of the River Gallery in Independence (thanks Eric for featuring local art)…

master bedroom

Under China Sea detail

…and the house is cool…like an old house but with closets, cupboards, mudroom, laundry room, pantry…storage galore.  And windows that tilt in to clean.  Go take  look!



  1. You, me, the blanket, braiding, picnics, the Stude, Mom and her sunglasses, out in the country, Dad mooing at the cows. Yesterday?

  2. Dear Bonnie. How awfully nice of you to remember. Cloudy skies and thunder did not do anything to ruin the festivities last night. Good food, old friends and new ones. All in all a great time by all. Now on to the final lap. Very exciting. M.

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