We took a little drive last week with Z & A back to Wallace, Idaho, for a bit of the “HULL back story” . Z made the route which we did ALL on non-freeway roads and we made a big, interesting circle.  Basically other people’s vacations are pretty boring, I know, but here are just a few random shots of the inland northwest, as we found it this June.


lunch stop at the Olmstead Farm…quilt on view (sort of)…





we took a boat ride on Lake Coeur d’Alene and were attacked by pirates…


so after a narrow escape we took off for Wallace, Idaho and some Hull History…though we didn’t stay at the Wallace Inn, choosing the “downtown” Stardust Motel instead

Wallace:Wallace Inn

StardustStardust sign

Stardust nite

Piatt window224


Teddy R

Station today

red garage interiorbeer signsscarey clown

honey dewTurkey crossingZach:redlight:sax

…and I could go on, but not wanting to try your patience I’ll just say that after a terrific 4 days we drove straight to the beach where we are awaiting the holiday celebration…Happy 4th…”On The Way” resumes July 9th…(unless I can figure out how to post from my phone…hmmm.



  1. WHAT A GORGEOUS SUNSET!!! Transporting ourselves to Cosmic the afternoon of the 4th!!! So looking forward to sand and beach fire smoke…cherries from Streetcar Village…THE CHANCE TO ACTUALLY SEE OUR NEIGHBORS!!! xoxo

  2. Oh I wanted you to go on…delightful…back roads of America have a strong allure for us. Roger sent the photo of the motel…am so curious about the parked bus…was it part of period “decor” or a travel story waiting to unfold. Your pink/salmon/flamingo sunset was a firework for the 4th. Wishing you both a Happy Fourth on the Second,
    From our vista to yours,

  3. Me too, you can go on, those photos and tales of your back roads travel are intriguing. Have a great July 4th! We are heading out to Rockaway Beach tonight for the holiday, it’ll be nice to get out of the valley heat for a few days.

  4. I, too, want to hear & see more! Marvelous photos. Further comment on Lawyer Hull’s window? How is it that it survives in that state & in what building & why? Happy belated Forth! I was in my studio until after midnight so did not demonstrate my patriotism out loud. Glad I saw your sunset photo…wow!

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