“High” Summer

fireworks big

firework 1firework 2firework 3

The fourth of July is really the beginning of the mid summer celebration of flowers and good warm weather and just being outside all the time.  Our habit is to be at the beach on the fourth and the last few years Z & A and friends Amy and Ian have joined us…for reading, good food and, always, a few “projects”…but Zach’s yummy breakfasts started us daily…

breakfast 1Belfast 2hors d' 2013

and the projects this year were retrieval in nature…getting Carol’s old high chair ready for our November arrival (IT’S a BOY!)…


high chair sandinghigh chair 1highchair 2

high chair 4highchair 5chair final

meanwhile Ian tackled the old white garden “furniture” that had fallen to bits…

Ian fixing 2 Ian fixingtopiary painting

and now they are “reinstalled” at home looking GREAT!!!  Thanks Ian!

pretty 2

and speaking of Ian…last year he arrived in his “jalopy” which was a crowd-pleaser on the street…

Ian 2012

THIS year, a 1982 Ferrari 308…women walked right by…guys noticed…

ferrari 1

ferrari 2

Ferrari 3

Amy made a pie one morning…


cars were washed…

carwash 2carwash

we hated to see them go…


Roll on sweet summer…





  1. Aaahhh nostalgia!!! other women might – but this woman here would not walked by, but wanting to drive that beautiful old Ferrari (and then keep it) – my very first car in Germany was, of course, what else!, a VW Cabriolet – engine “souped up” sounded and drove like a Porsche! – and btw, do send Ian over to me to help me with some chores – what a gem. Carina 🙂 🙂

  2. Lucky I just bought a bunch of “boy” yarn at half price! Zach has turned into quite a food guy for someone who used to only eat “nursery food” as his mother once called it.

  3. What a very high summer moment! You all do know how to do things right. Though as a mother of 3 sons and sister of 2 brothers, I would never walk by a Ferrari either, I most loved the high chair readied for the November Grandson, the yummy breakfasts & pie pictures, the repaired and refreshed ‘furniture’ and the sunset! Wonderful!

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