The Bathroom is DONE!

I suspect the subject of our bathroom is a bit boring to you readers by now, but just to complete the thought…here is the process (a very short, digested version I might add…).  It fascinates me to watch a room be ripped apart (so naturally I think it fascinates YOU…?) and then come together so beautifully.  All of our thanks go to Scott Smith at Cascade Peaks Construction, to Becky of Metzler Tile, to Vince the MASTERFUL tile guy, to Pint Size Plumbing, to Ace of Shades painters…for making this beautiful room that makes us feel each morning like we’re in an Italian hotel!

Looking north first…

bathroom N1bathroom N2bathroom N3

and then to the south….

bathroom s1bathroom s2bathroom s3

bathroom s4bathroom s5bathroom s 5

and…TA DA…the reveal…want to come over and take a shower???

bathroom s 6


  1. Beautiful! Nothing like having a bathroom that reminds you of all the beautiful places you have visited…I still love my bathroom after its first year…and I hope to for many years to come…Enjoy!

  2. Wow, Bonnie …it is beautiful!! And what beats waking up in an Italian Hotel with one’s love!!


  3. Quite wonderful! The oh-so-slightly-sloping tile floor is oh-so clever. Terrific look you have achieved. Wish you could consult on my ’78 stable/house shower…definitely time for a re-do. Well done, Bonnie.

    1. It just worked out perfectly…if I’m ever in a wheel chair (god forbid) we can roll me right in!…in the meantime,it seems pretty elegant! Xo. B

  4. Finally, already!. You guys gotta be ripe by now and ready to scrub down in that tile chapel. That’s why so many trips to the beach? I get it.
    I love those big walk in showers. Enjoy your beautiful new space. Does it have tunes, too?

    1. Naw…we just showered upstairs…but this is pretty deluxe…can’t stop taking showers!!! In a week roar so they’ll start the upstairs bathroom, which will be more modest, but nice…all well here…xxoo toyou and hopes the new job is going okay….

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