The Floors!

Our house is old for this part of the world…1849. It’s been moved twice, and the current fir floors probably date from the first move in 1893. Aaron and Boyd from Bear Ridge Designs didn’t think they’d ever been refinished. They were not worn to a lovely patina, they were just worn. It was time, […]

Dang It!!

Did you ever see an idea that you just wish YOU had had…in fact that almost makes you swoon with sadness that you DIDN’T have it?  Well, occasionally I do…and usually it’s an idea so good but so unrepeatable, you can’t even steal it.  My stress relief is reading (well okay, “looking at”…) World of […]

Tiny Bowls

Katy is just back from an adventure in Japan and she brought us each a present yesterday… We got to choose so there was a mad dash… and I got this one… and low and behold, tied in a hankie (which is brilliant as I actually USE cloth hankies…) with cherry blossom chopsticks was… …a […]


What a week…I narrowly survived the festivities!  It’s been foggy…R got this amazing picture the other day…down by the river… I got a tour of the new Children’s Room remodel at the Salem Public Library… was on a panel for city club talking about interesting places in Salem, places of community…(with stellar panelists Sarah Evans, […]


Yesterday Scott packed up and left…after almost the whole summer at our house (yep..we’ll miss him, his chirpy “Good morning”‘s and his texts to announce imminent arrival at hours like 7:30 a.m…eek).  Bathroom number two upstairs is complete…  Yay! To review, as R would say, the first part of the summer produced bathroom #1: which […]