Summer Day

Coffee on the deck this morning looking down into the phlox, making me happy to be in this garden, but ESPECIALLY to have such a lovely summer day.

Summer rosemary

We took a bike ride to Minto Island, where last year about this time we were picking Queen Ann’s lace for the wedding!  But today…we just

Summer QALACESummer me QA laceSummer, R QA lace

had lunch and a bit of food shopping at MIG…


and headed home.  In the 1940’s our back garden looked like this

garden 1940's

It was a sunny garden, planted by the McElhinney’s about 1930.  But now there’s an addition on the house, a deck, and a LOT of shade.  In the 90’s Sally got me a peegee hydrangea in exchange for me doing some graphics for Gilbert House, and the peegee has been the queen of the garden ever since…here it is back before we built the studio…

PG 1

PG 2008?


…and last year…

PG 2012

I pruned it hard last fall and it is just starting to bloom this week…


the two year old lime-lights and the lady’s mantle are looking good…


lady's mantle

The garden is a refuge, a sanctuary (albeit a noisy one given our location) and a delight.


Summer arch to Gloria's


  1. I love your garden. It has a familiar ring about it. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos.

  2. i want to hire you, Bonnnie, to come make be a beautiful garden. Great photos.
    I, too, am spending much of today looking at a gurgling creek and loving just where I am. Ginny

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