…And Speaking of Gardens…

A couple of weeks ago I spent three days in the Gaiety Hollow garden, the home garden of landscape architects Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver.  The L&S Conservancy asked me to do some drawings for their upcoming fund raising campaign…a campaign to repay the generous donor who bought the house and garden, and is allowing the Lord and Schryver advocates five years to begin rehabilitating the garden and raising the funds for purchase and maintenance.  (Check their new website here…)

house and garden

The house sits on busy Mission Street in Salem, but on a hot summer day the beautiful garden is a refuge.  I set up my little drawing table under the shady arbor and got right to work…


in the shade

and here’s a vintage photo of the same view…

Knight Library Home Garden Pergola looking east Lantern Slide

and here’s Jon instead of a statue…


One of my favorite parts of the garden has been sadly lost in the last few years…this beautiful 300+ year old oak tree which predated the garden, the neighborhood, the town, white settlement…was at the end of the allee of rhododendrons and azaleas…

Home Garden - West Allee 1 (DS)

stump 2

but here’s the old oak still standing at the other end of the allee…as living things gardens keep changing, providing gardeners with opportunities and challenges…

the other oak

and here’s a vintage hand-tinted shot of the garden at it’s very beginning…about 1932 maybe…

L&SArchiveImages1108 033Home garden

and a view from the bedroom window today…

window view today

My three days in the garden were serenely spent drawing and photographing…

drawing stuff

drawing day 1

walking through the garden over and over to let the “feel” of the place, the karma of the place, sink in…

from the porch

vinatge photo of the same view…

Home Garden - Flower Garden from lawn panel (DS)

friends came and brought lunch everyday…

lunch at GH

and stayed to walk the garden…



brick onebrick 2brick 3


and all the time I spent in the garden I felt the presence of Lord and Schryver…STRONGLY!!…they were right there.

L&SArchiveImages1108 025

As the Conservancy’s fund raising campaign begins I’ll be posting occasionally, plus I’ll soon start a new blog about the garden…stay tuned….and begin thinking about your future donation…?!?


  1. The Strand family dedicated heart and soul to save the old oak tree (and the entire garden). But i guess when your gig is up….well, it’s up. Thank you Bonnie, for your sensitive blog. Love this garden and hope i can help in keeping it going.

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