Harry Widman at the Sovereign Collection….

Michael Parsons has taken over the Sovereign Collection Gallery (716 SW Madison, Portland), and is showing a nice selection of paintings, collages and assemblages by Portland artist Harry Widman.  On Saturday Roger Hull, Widman’s biographer, and Bob Shotola (Harry’s long-time friend) were at the Gallery with Harry and quite a crowd of others to have a conversation with Harry about his work.

Harry 4Harry 2

The gallery is small (but lovely)

Harry 3

and the day was warm.  The crowd was large and enthusiastic, and filled the small room…

Harry 5

with some of us spilling out onto the sidewalk…

Harry 6

The Gallery is just around the corner from the Oregon Historical Society and is well worth a visit.

After the lively discussion we went to the Augen Gallery (716 NW Davis) to see George Johanson’s nice mono-prints of bathers, swimmers, boaters.  We could almost FEEL the cool breeze coming off the water, (reminding us of the beach at Siletz Bay)…well worth a stroll to the DeSoto Building…

George 1

George 2

…and after a restorative iced coffee (delicious but not pretty…) at the Pearl Bakery, we headed over to Doug’s, stopping at Dwarka for some Indian food (I can totally recommend it…delicious…39th and Hawthorne)…

Indian Food

and had a nice evening talking about movies, family, and Emma’s imminent departure for Boston and a new life…


Doug found a leaf reminding us of coming attractions…

red leaf

and we talked into the evening…happy to be just where we were…


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  1. Nice article.. One thing i would like to add about one of the woman in a photo you posted was Bonnie Shulte.. She is not just a receptionist.. She is an artist and may i add a outstanding one.. She did scrimshaw for a few knife companies years ago and today her work is still sought after.. Collectors are willing to pay allot for her work on the AL MAR/PUMAS knives.. I am not much of a artsy person but here scrimshaw designs of oceans, animals, and creatures was just amazings..

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