Friday Report…

Wow…busy week around here…but kind of a miscellaneous week to make a narrative out of…  It WAS a week with ART in it though…Elizabeth, Alex and I spent two days in Corrie’s summer studio (a generous offer on Corrie’s part)…she the first artist in residence whereby the CCC gallery is turned into a big studio for the summer…

Corrie studio

we arrived with our stuff…


and settled in.  Corrie most often works with photo transfers, which she paints (in this case the subject is Kristen and me the day we visited Claudia’s studio)

Corrie K&B

but the big summer studio has given her space and time to experiment with drawings…here she is showing Alex how to start a drip drawing…

Corrie & Alex

and here’s a bird I liked…

Corrie bird

Also this week the Project Space Show came down…goodbye Project Space 2013…


but at home things were hopping as bathroom two was tiled…

bathroom 2abathroom 2b

We cleaned up the old rocker from R’s parents’ house and FOUND the Stickley label and internet proof!  Ours is just the same…1907-1912…

Stickley labelstickley our label

model 817 in the catalog…our leather seat a little worse for wear!  (What do you say readers…reupholster?)

Stickley catalog chairStickly our chair

R even got to the beach one night with our old bikes and got this picture of a cool little house in Taft that has been redone with corrugated…

corrugated house

Alisa and Martin visited briefly (and I DO look a little terminally confused, but have recovered)

Alisa, R and meA&M

there was a lively dinner at the Blue Goat (the food is SENSATIONAL, BTW) which was captured on film, thankfully!


and this morning we had a visitor…EVERYBODY wants to see our new shower I guess…

crow 1c row 2

Stay cool this weekend.


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  1. I would see if you can repair the seat. I wouldn’t replace it. What a find! As usually your blog is wonderful. Hope to see your bathrooms next week. Love,

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