Tuesday Luncheon

Luncheon today was at our house…a reunion of sorts.

luncheon tabel

Friend and former student Kent Lew came for a catch up visit while in Portland at a conference…far from his current home in the Berkshires.  Kent graduated in 1985 and we’ve only seen him once since then.  He was a talented artist, a good student, and became a friend.  Here’s the show card from his senior show, all these many years ago…

Kent's Sr show card

and R surprised Kent by pulling out his “Kent file” with some gems…(R IS an archivist at heart…)

Kent 2

Kent 5

Kent 3

After graduation in 1985 Kent spent a month in Italy with us…(I didn’t have a great camera or maybe I didn’t know how to use it, more than likely) but you get the idea…

Italy 1

R & K

And Kent had forgotten that we had the painting on his show card…surprises and fun all around…and it’s only Tuesday!



  1. You certainly know how to use a camera now, Bonnie! Such fine photos, such delightful visual story telling. We are all lucky to benefit from your well-honed documentary abilities and Roger’s archivist heart.

  2. we haven’t left you a thank you for your gift to all of this blog for some time, so let it be known, we view & read it always with great pleasure. thank you, bonnie & roger. (sloy and nic)

  3. I never throw anything away but my problem seems to be when I go looking for something, I can never find it. You and Roger are amazing. Another great blog.
    Of course, I love the transferware.

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