Beehive Wednesday…

Our little corner of the world was a beehive of activity today.  Scott was here painting bathroom #2, R was at the computer, me packing the show up…

ScottR officeshow

and Bill putting in a new trellis to, number one…support a clematis with a fierce will to live, and, number two to hide the view of the garbage cans from the street.  Before we had to cut it down (it was ripping the house apart…ahem) it looked like this…


and then (when I was away thankfully)  R cut it down…and we kind of thought it was a goner…

clematis after

but no…it wants to live…

trellis 2

so Bill came and fixed up a trellis for it…because we are now STRICTLY adhering to this rule…NO plants on the architecture (thanks Howard).


It’s always great to have Bill in the garden…he did all of our “hard-scaping” (such as it is)…

hardscape 1

hardscape 2

hardscape 3

and he knows plants…he would NEVER pull out a baby nicotiana or foxglove, thinking it was a weed…


and he grows wonderful vegetables and brings some when he comes to build us something…like yesterday when he brought these…

dinner 1

so last night it was eggplant, fresh tomato, basil pasta…let me know if you want the recipe…

dinner 2dinner 3dinner 4

dinner 6

dinner 7

and then last night we sat on the deck…


and noticed that Jason and Erin have put up some lights too!  What a festive neighborhood we live in…

Jason & Erin's


  1. im sitting there at this wonderful meal, and could you give me that tomato eggplant basil pasta recipe? and make my deck light up like that? love and thanks!

  2. Beautiful, yummy, thoughtful as always, Have been loving all your posts this summer, I on the other hand have been unearthing all sorts of material, etc. and cleaning out the studio and around the grounds….next summer will be more relaxed and outside. Thanks so much, Bonnie, for sharing your corner of the world…

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