No News is Good News?

In blog land, the “blogoshpere”, you actually do a little better if you have something to write about…and I usually do have some slim thought.  This week was a quiet, serene week…not particularly notable in any way.  We ate and gardened, had meetings and songs, did some creative work, saw friends and just enjoyed the being-alive-in-the-fall thing.  I offer up my week with profound thanks that I live in a very weird country where the politics are unfathomable, but where we are at peace with ourselves—all of us who aren’t in congress anyway.

Here’s what it looked like from over here on Court Street…I got a new phone (read TOY) and have been playing with it.  I went to the gym or to Minto Park everyday…here’s photo proof…me in my
“outfit”…(but I like how the photo looks forward to the back of the house and back in the mirror to the front…)


I cut the peegee’s for drying…

hydrangea bouquet

I drank a lot of coffee…

coffeecoffee 2coffee 4

prompting me to get out my old espresso machine…not as beautiful as Michael’s built-in, plumbed-in beauty….

Michael's coffee machine

but serviceable.  (R said the Americano I made him was good!)  I played a LOT of ukulele (luckily no photos available)…and I went out to breakfast with my artist friends.  Kristin is teaching young kids this fall and brought some of the wonderful drawings to show us, causing much delight among us…if only…


scarey creaturekitty lady b ug at alred tree

I got working on Sidney’s quilt…

Sid fabricQ1Q2Q5

Tomorrow’s the shower for the young lad himself…our grandchild…soon to arrive on the scene here…due to join us November 22nd.  More soon.  Oh..there WAS the bomb scare…

bomb squad


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