A Basket Full of Stuff

My friend George writes a nice blog and the other day he wrote in an email that his recent post was a bit miscellaneous…sort of a “basket full of stuff.”  THIS, I thought, exactly describes my current predicament…weirdly unrelated, all sort of interesting, some nice images…okay let’s go.  The weather has been beautiful here, after a horrific month of rain…


foggy gray mornings  followed by warm and sunny afternoons with color…

morning 1morning 2

Court Street color

and Friday last we took off for Portland and a whirlwind of activity… which began by a look at Laura Russo Gallery where Sherrie Wolf and Tom Cramer are showing…up until November 2nd.  Sherrie Wolf paints VERY realistic still life paintings that are well loved by the Portland audience and FULL of stuff…and while I was looking I noted the same bowl in several paintings…which is nice.  Almost a narrative…

Wolf 2 Wolf 1 wolf 3

and then Tom Cramer’s glowing carved panels, undulating, multifaceted, beautiful.

Cramer strip 3 Cramer strip 2 Cramer strip 1

Tom Cramer 1

Off next door to meet our rowdy group at Cafe Mingo where I always like to sit looking into the kitchen (former restaurant owner’s vice…)…

Mingo strip 1Mingo strip 2Mingo strip 3 Mingo

Mingo food strip 1 Mingo food strip 2

and on to Body Opera Files at Bodyvox…a warehouse space and performance that were intriguing and fun…but it IS a warehouse and COLD.  (If you go bring a hat and a down coat…)

we first were directed to chairs in a corner…


and then there was pounding and banging on the garage doors…which slowly open…revealing…the cast!  Fun.


we were then directed to new bleacher seats and here’s the “stage” at intermission…


lots of dance, live band, but the killer part for me was Brendan Tuohy’s singing.  Terrific…

Next day we were off to Vancouver to look at an archive.  After a coffee at Torque

Torgue coffee

while R and Mary did some homework…

R&Mary at Torque

we met artist Blair Saxon-Hill for a look at the archive…

R, M, B S-H  archive 1

fascinating…stay-tuned for more on this one.

Then home, reveling still in the sunshine.  Sunday was the annual McCulloch-fest with food,

Sue-Del flowers

views…(Sue-Del’s studio in the center, the former horse barn)


pumpkin carving by Lisa


and art talk, always…Rob Bibler, Robert Hess and R discuss sculpture, murals, paintings, titles, etc.

Bibler, Hess, Hull

and of course, our daily trips to Minto while the weather holds…


me working feverishly on Sid’s quilt in the month that remains…

Sid's quilt

and fall…nice.


The basket is full!  (Thanks George…)



  1. Wow! What a basket. You and R are in a class by yourselves. You lead the most active, centered life, by far, of any one I know–or have even heard of. I’m in awe of you both. George

  2. bonnie, good to see another issue of “on the way”. you tricked us for a few moments this time as we often click on the small pictures to see them better. we clicked on the picture of “the rowdy group at cafe mingo” and got only a portion of what we saw small. so, the two of us puzzled a few moments over that and went back to the main stream. there dave, looking closer, exclaimed, “aha! it’s 3 pictures.” (smile) san

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