Campus Fun

In the paper this morning was the announcement that the very nice Professor of Politics at Willamette University, Sammy Basu, has been awarded the Carnegie/CASE award for teaching, as Oregon’s Professor of the year.

Sammy Basu

Facebook lit up with pictures of a series of banners the University has put up honoring all 11 WU faculty members who have received this award over the years.  One of the 11 is, you guessed it, our own Roger Hull, who was the honoree in 1993.  SO he went over to check out the banners and sent me this cell phone picture….

R's banner photo

OF COURSE I requested a photo op…which he didn’t really want to do BUT…

Roger 2

being a VERY good sport, he posed…

Roger Hull

…and then we ducked into the library for a quick look at Kathleen Gemberling Adkison’s painting of 1980 “World of Light” (this is just a detail…)

Kathleen Gemberling Adkison detail

Congratulations to Sammy Basu!!  (and Karen Holman, Jerry Gray, Art Payton, Bill Duvall, Dan Montague, Frances Chapple, Mary Ann Youngren, Richard Ellis, Suresht Bald and Roger Hull…scholars all.)


  1. I had the privilege of writing a letter in support of Roger’s nomination, way back when. I think a lot of WU students, including myself, ended up as unexpected art majors simply because we recognized the brilliance of his teaching and wanted to soak up as much as we could when we had the chance.

  2. the carnegie CASE award is an award given to exceptional profs nationwide. roger must feel genuine pride in his having been nominated and then awarded such an honor for quality of service given. congratulations roger.

  3. Congratulations to Roger for the 1993 honor being recognized again with the banner — a way of saying what we all know, that he is Professor of the Year every year.

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